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Welcome to All Owners and/or Prospective Owners of Tibetan Spaniels! 

 If you are seriously interested in owning a Gin-Tai Tibetan Spaniel, you're in the right place to learn my ideas about this wonderful breed! This is a compilation of my visitors' most Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ). I have supplied my Standard Answers! While this doesn't substitute for a personal or telephone interview, it may offer helpful information. Please select either a category on the left, or type in a keyword to search the database of questions and answers. 

MEMBERS of the AKC Tibetan Spaniel Parent Breed Club, "The Tibetan Spaniel Club of America", may join a wonderful NEW Unmonitored Chat List to freely exchange ideas and information about Tibbies!  which features a great SLIDE SHOW, LINKS to Tibbie Websites, and much more!