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LDM News Release

Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 15:11:51 PDT

From: pressrelease@lastdaysministries.org

Subject: LDM News Release

For Immediate Release

Statement by the Last Days Minstries Board of Directors

Melody Green, the President of Last Days Ministries (LDM), is deeply saddened to report that her marriage to Andy Sievright is coming to an end. Soon after their 1991 marriage, the couple began marriage counseling and have continued to seek restoration and reconciliation for the past eight years. At the end of February, Andy Sievright filed for a divorce in response to Melody's January petition for a legal separation.

Melody is the widow of Keith Green, who died in a tragic plane crash along with two of their young children in 1982. The couple founded LDM in 1977. Melody oversees the Last Days Ministries Magazine and the newly designed LDM web site.

Melody said: "There are no words to describe the humbling and

heartbreaking process of a failed marriage -- but I know many people will be able to relate to the deep pain of it all. Ultimately I know my comfort and hope comes from the Lord, and I am trusting Jesus for healing. I ask for your prayers for my children, for Andy, and for me as we walk through this difficult season."

As the LDM Board of Directors, we have all walked closely with Melody for many years and have knowledge of the details and the extensive process that has led to this sad circumstance. We have fully evaluated the situation and believe Melody has operated in integrity and with admirable Christian character. We stand with her during this painful time, trusting for her total healing and the fulfillment of the ministry God has called her to.

This statement is being issued to inform friends and supporters of LDM. It is being posted, along with additional comments and our names as board members, at the LDM web site at www.lastdaysministries.org. Neither we nor Melody will be making further personal comments at this time.

With Much Love In Christ,

The LDM Board of Directors

Following is a letter for Friends and Supporters of LDM:

A Letter to the Friends of Last Days

From the LDM Board of Directors,

We want to thank you for contacting us to gain a better understanding about Melody's personal situation. We trust this response will enable you to pray appropriately for everyone concerned.  Our names will be individually listed at the end of this letter.

We want to provide some additional information you might find helpful after reading our official statement.  Melody desires to be as transparent as possible given the circumstances. However, this is a very difficult season for her, and being that this is a deeply personal matter that affects many people, we will obviously need to limit the amount of specific details we provide.  

It was mentioned that the couple did pursue counseling.  It would be inappropriate to mention the nature of their difficulties except to say that they were deeply rooted and ongoing during their eight years of marriage. Receiving help from trained counselors was a commitment taken very seriously, and professional help was earnestly sought to resolve their differences in hopes of healing and restoration.  

Recently, Melody has moved to Southern California and is living with her youngest daughter, who is seventeen.  They moved there to be close to Melody's longtime friends and her late husband's mother, who lives close by. Also in the area are LDM Board members, pastors, and Youth With A Mission leaders whom Melody has known for many years.  It is a good place for Melody right now, as she has many friends who have rallied around her for personal support and prayer.

Melody's oldest daughter graduated from high school in 1999 and is living in the Midwest. She is nearing the end of a nine-month discipleship training program. Both daughters are doing very well right now and are supportive and understanding of the situation.

We continue to have confidence in Melody's leadership and we look forward to the future of the LDM Magazine as well as the growth and expansion of the LDM web site. For the time being, most of Melody's efforts will be spent caring for her daughter living at home, and continuing to work on the magazine and web site. Melody is working from her home, although there are small LDM offices in  Lindale, Texas; Oceanside, California and Hayden Lake, Idaho.

In the next month or two Melody will be doing some previously agreed-upon promotion with Harvest House Publishers for the re-release of the book, "No Compromise. The Life Story of Keith Green" -- and the book "If You Love The Lord," a devotional book comprised of Keith's teachings.  Melody will also continue to write -- both articles and music -- during this difficult season,

as both activities are very therapeutic and healing to her.  

Even though neither we, nor Melody, will be making further personal comments at this time, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, your support, and your concern.  We hold these things with deep gratitude in our hearts.

With Great Love in Jesus,

The Last Days Ministries Board of Directors

Richard G. Boyer

Pastor Edwin and Catherine Basler

Pastor Joe Fauss

Jill Austin

Carol DeGraff

Brief Bio's of the LDM Board:

Richard G. Boyer, LDM Treasurer.  Richard is a CPA, and also the CEO of Smith Technologies, an international research and development firm. He was also instrumental in helping Keith and Melody officially begin LDM in 1977.

Pastor Edwin J. Basler, LDM Vice President.  International businessman and Cofounder of Souled Out Ministries, and Heart and Soul Cafe -- a ministry devoted to reaching and discipling troubled teens.  They are also involved in missions outreach.

Catherine Basler. Cofounder of Souled Out Ministries, and Heart and Soul Cafe. Catherine travels internationally to preach and to minister to young people. She also leads teen missions trips around the world.

Pastor Joe Fauss.  Founder of Calvary Commission, an international ministry devoted to missions, discipleship, and to prison outreach and rehabilitation. They also run the Josiah and Bethany Children's home in Mexico, named after Melody's two children in heaven.  Joe became close to Keith and Melody when LDM moved to Texas in 1979.  

Jill Austin.  President and Founder of Master Potter Ministries. Jill is an ordained minister with a strong prophetic mantle.  She speaks internationally with a passion to encourage believers to enter into intimacy with Jesus, to enjoy His presence, and on how to receive God's power and anointing.

Carol DeGraff, LDM Secretary.  Carol served Keith at LDM and then Melody, after Keith's death as their Executive Secretary.  Carol now has her own business that administrates and manages the finances for several non-profit ministries, individuals, and organizations involved in Christian ministry.

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