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Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

I am offering for sale my gorgeous Bon Temps accordion in the key of Bb. Jude built this for me about three years ago. It has relatively little playing time. I would guess less than ten hours. It is wet-tune. It has a great growly sound and plays like a dream and completely airtight. I have more pics, but the listing won't let me add them. I'm asking $1600. Free local pickup, or delivery up to 75 miles. I will ship, but buyer will have to provide a hardcase and pay actual shipping cost. I will accept, cash, paypal, credit card or money order. Message me with questions.

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

same post just a reduction in price hard to sell zydeco box of no name

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Well, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Jude Moreau. I've been building handmade, custom made Cajun accordions for over 30 years. I offer a money back, total satisfaction guarantee. In all that time, I have yet for someone to take me up on that offer. I am also proud to say, that I was instrumental in teaching Ed Poullard ( Poullard Accordions ) and Bryan Laflur ( Lans Gris Accordion )to build these wonderful instruments. I also am a recording and performing Cajun musician and was inducted into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame/Lake Charles in 2011. Although my name may not be as common as other well known accordion builders, Junior Martin and Randy Falcon are very good friends of mine, and we have the upmost respect for each others work. So a great big hello out there to "Zydecko" .
Jude Moreau
Bon Temps Accordion since 1984

to Jude & me

Jude thanks for the intro no offense but texas is famous for its bar b q and Louisiana for its hand made Cajun accordions. if I want to eat q I will in texas to play Cajun music la is the box to do it on and the value holds its own when it comes to the big three makers. As for me's comment its Jerry and in reading some of his posts we all know him to be an angry sob so take him with a grain of salt if that's even worth it

Re: to Jude & me

you make disparaging hate comments about a man you know nothing about and you come on here pretending to be an expert on Cajun accordions. I an not angry I just can't stand ignorant wanna be's

Re: to Jude & me

No offence taken, but I will beg to differ. I went up on my price when I found out some of my accordions were being sold 10 years later,for more $$$ than I charged for it brand new. How's that for holding value? As for playing Cajun music on an La made instrument, I'll defer to Ganey Arsement, Tim Broussard, Chris Miller and any one else who play a Bon Temps accordion. I understand your sentiment,I do. It's a matter of pride of where you're from. But I've been hearing that "Texas" crap all my life, and I don't mind saying, I'm just as Cajun as you or anyone else from Louisiana. It's not a matter of what state you live in. It's about what's in your heart and veins. My father left the farm in Pecaniere in hopes of a better life in Texas. I've seen a hog butchered in the dead of winter, not for fun, but to put the meat up for the coming year. I've Seen my old uncle whittle down a 2x4 with a jack plane, in the barn yard,to make a rake handle. The old people would say " ca cest Cajun oui ". So, like I stated at first, no offence taken, but I got some pride too. Ca Cest Cajun oui !!! peace brother.

Re: to Jude & me

I had one of your accordions, played it for 3 years and sold it for a little more than I paid for it. It was a good instrument. I own 9 accordions and had 4 C's didn't need that many. For the know it all that started this crap it is typical of what you read on this site. I would bet zydeko is not even from Louisiana. I also doubt he can play the **** thing.
Jerry L. Moody

Re: to Jude & me

Instead of ripping people, too common here, how about a little help in educating them and helping them along. ?

Re: to Jude & me

Tried that, waste of time. I have pretty much stopped commenting on this page just like many people have, most don't know **** but you will never convince them of that. I just couldn't pass this post up. Ha

Re: to Jude & me

Jerry you really are a piece of S H I T BUT ITS FUN TO READ THE POOP YOU SPEW

Re: to Jude & me

Why are you hiding behind some dick lick name? I was called out by Jeff what's his name but he didn't call you out. So put your big boy pants on ***** lips and identify yourself.

Re: to Jude & me

Infantilism is a live and well at the Cajun Accordeon Discussion group.

No wonder no one visits here.

The adults are over at melodeon.net and welcome discussions about all sorts of diatonic accordeons including Cajun made.

Jude Moreau boxes

Jude's boxes are on par with the other "big name" builders. I don't own one, but have played his, and have wanted one for a while, but can't afford one for now. Regarding name recognition, that would only be a problem with a broader uninformed/uneducated populace who don't know the builders or build quality. Jude residing right across the border in Texas is a false deciding factor for people who know the work.

So, yes, that could be a problem selling to people who are not informed. On here, most are informed. Or, well, it used to be that way. I don't get on here much anymore.


Re: to Jude & me

I have Bon Temps accordions in C D and Bb The wife and I are retired and travel the country in our trailer. I have played them for years at festivals and have not had any problems. They rank right up there with the big-name brand that I also have
I don't care if he makes them in Alaska they are excellent Cajun accordions with a beautiful sound!


Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

To add:

I consider Jude Moreau a friend though we have not met personally.
We have had many a conversation over the years.

I bought my first and one other,Cajun accordeon from him.
Top notch in every respect and one helluva tuner.

He is one of the finest traditional builders out there, and unlike the top "famous" three.. he miters..(not time and cost cutting butts) .. his corners. His attention to detail is hard to rival.

In some ways I am glad he is considered and "unknown"... a well kept secret by those who appreciate that extra bit of quality.. I am a bit of an elitist and appreciate quality to the point that I believe "buy less and buy the best." The term "lagniappe" comes to mind if you buy a Jude Moreau box.

And Bryan LaFleur.. for a bit of a twist on a Cajun box.. and trained by Jude.. he's your man.


Just how "wet" is this box?.


Could you dry this box out a bit? I mean still with a bit of tremolo , enough to tell it is still an accordeon, but not so much it is syruppy ?

And... Am I correct that with Zydeco and playing with fiddles a bit less tremolo is the order of the day?




PS Not all Cajun accordeons come from Louisiana

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Hello there Jeff. Been a while. Good to see your post. Thanks for the flowers. You know I can tune it any way you want it. Best I remember, it's only about 10 cents wet. It's also in "like new" condition. Give me a call some time. Been too long my friend.

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Thanks for stepping up to represent Jude's reputation. Like Jude said, it is 10 cents, but you probably know that 10 cents sounds a bit wetter on the smaller reeds than it does on the larger reeds. Overall, the box sounds great. As with all of my accordions, if you leave only the two mid-banks open, it sounds very much like a Corona.

It is VERY good condition. For the first year, I carried it to gigs, but only played one or two songs on it. Other than that, Sunday morning coffee and making videos. Here is a link to one of those.

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Looks like the chicken **** decided not to respond,

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

If you are referring to me. Talk about chicken...Hiding behind "me"..
You are foul, rude, and a coward..

I am busy working about 14 hours a day until August 10th.
But I do have enough time to post some facts about Jude Moreau.

I also have an Italian box on order and trying to justify another purchase is a serious consideration.

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

I think he was referring to to "Zydecko" Jeff. It's all good my friend

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Yes. I think after seeing that Bon Temps wasn't a "no name" accordion, zydeko decided not to reply. The irony is...whoever pointed that out, hid behind the wall of anonymity and used the name "Me."

Oh, well. It's all good.

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Got it !

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Me is Jerry L Moody and no not chicken and if you are the one that went by zydeco or what ever you are the ******* coward

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

Nope not me..
Sorry I took offense and let's drop the chickenxxxx act.
Ok ?

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

I am not in the mood for people to call me out and then tell me what I should do. If you can't read English then keep you unfounded thoughts to yourself

Re: Bons Temps Accordion in Bb (Price Reduced)

I am reminded of an old New Orleans traditional song that goes like this:

Dem dat know, dey know dat dey know,
Dem dat don't know, dey don't know dey don't know.

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