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Ten Step Two Step the Gruesome Playboys Edition

A definitive collection of Cajun two steps musically notated for the Cajun accordion. If you have an interest email me. Limited print run. Delivery by US mail in May 2017.

Re: Ten Step Two Step the Gruesome Playboys Edition

Cajun music in the written form is generally viewed with disinterest, if not distain. However, there is a world beyond Acadiana that is interested in this music, but geographically disconnected.

Four or five years in the making, Mr. Guy's passion for Cajun music has driven this project, conducted in the deep boondocks of Scotland (there are on 4 properties in his zip code). He has diligently researched over 100 two steps back to their earliest, purest form, and transcribed them in musical notation. Much like the Yellow Book, "Ye Yaille, Chere!," but it is specifically written for the C accordion.

This opens the Cajun two step library to accordionists all over the world.

My hat's off to the grumpy old Scot for his noble effort to preserve these cultural treasures.

Re: Ten Step Two Step the Gruesome Playboys Edition

This would be useful if I knew the first thing about music. Sadly, all I know to do is mash the (sometimes) proper buttons to get the right sounds.

John in Oregon

Re: Ten Step Two Step the Gruesome Playboys Edition

Hey John.

Don't worry about all that notation, tabs, scores, staves, clefs stuff.

Ignore it all.just FEEL the music. Listen to the music...feeeeeel the tempo and sounds...take a phrase bit by bit.

I doubt the old timers ever studied music theory...they just found a way around the instrument..even if it was just a diddly-bo !

Now..if you persevere and can't find any progress at all..just sell your accordion and move onto something else...sounds tough love, but that's what it's all about..ya got it or ya don't ! IMHO !

Re: Ten Step Two Step the Gruesome Playboys Edition

I’d like to see your ten step two step music if it’ll play on a one row in C


John Brewster

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