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Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

A guitar riff is defined as a cluster or sequence of notes or chords that can be used in song or in practice to develop upon any song. It can be repeated over and over again as to bring about superior efficiency, familiarization, and mastery of one's instrument. Riffs can be minor decorative elements or they can be the basis of a song or several songs of the guitar players repertoire.

Hello everyone, Greezy McGill here. I am a native of south Louisiana. I reside right in the heart of Cajun country and have lived here all of my life. I play the triangle, guitar, accordion, fiddle and my own two feet. I am a 4th generation accordion player and 2nd generation fiddle player. I have been listening to Cajun music for nearly 50 years and actually began to participate in the music about 47 years ago. I have developed and wish to share with all of you, a sequence or scale of button presses both on the push and pull of the Cajun accordion that will ensure even the newest beginner, both Cajun and non Cajun player, fast and efficient success when it comes to the Cajun accordion method and mastery of nearly every song of the Cajun repertoire. It has taken me years of study and watching and intimate interaction with some of the most well known living masters of recent times which have unfortunately passed on over the years. I have feverishly studied the old original standards, lost recordings, and even the newer methods of some of the biggest names on the Cajun music accordion scene. My goal was to be able to physically show, then turn around and teach any beginner accordion player this practice sequence in one hour's time. One hour's time which would result in a lifetime of benefit and mastery of the accordion in 1/3 of the time it takes the typical young player to learn the licks, blends, and trills of the masters. This sequence would also familiarize the new accordion player with the playing positions of 1,2, and 3 on any key accordion. It would have them using all 10 buttons on the key board within one hour! It is to be applied before any Cajun song is ever even attempted. It will ensure muscle memory of every chord, octave, blend, and trill available on the 10 button diatonic Cajun accordion. It will familiarize the student with the location and sound of many unknown and secreted, or hard to learn licks and when to apply them for every Cajun song. This accordion instruction riff will enable every student to play slightly different melodies and bridges at the top, middle, and bottom of his or her accordion at different pitches in order to keep the song interesting and not repetitive to the point of nausea. I have tested it on one student and the results are to say the least remarkable! I will ponder on the actual presentation on video of this practice riff for more time so as to become certain that it is absolutely correct and learnable by even the most dim witted accordion player. I must be absolutely sure of this method and of myself because it is something that has not been done so far in history. Seems that no one ever had the ambition, knowledge, need to, nor method of how to release it to the world. Well that monkey business is now at an end. I will make sure no Cajun accordion player ever again begins his or her journey in ignorance and frustration. But alas, I have a problem, I cannot release this monumental instruction riff under the name of Greezy McGill for it seems to me that it would be lost on certain folks due to the evils of disingenuous presentation and inherent illegitimacy because of my fake name and somewhat controversial character, Greezy McGill. What ever will I do? Oh, well, never mind. I'll just keep it to myself and only pass it on to very close family and friend that show potential or who have worked hard enough to deserve a giant leg up in the accordion playing world.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Dam Jerry Moody, you had to go and upset this guy. This is your fault man! You need to learn when to put a sock in it pal.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Hey Jerry, that GW fellow was me. Just being honest. So as not to confuse everyone as to my identity. Had to point out that you were the cause of this post. Sincerely Greezy.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

An argument without Jerry Moody is an argument not worth having. You're in good company Mr Greezy.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Greezy McGill
But alas, I have a problem, I cannot release this monumental instruction riff under the name of Greezy McGill

How about "Le Play-it-all à Nonc Greezy"?
You could even write a song or a tale to advertise it.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Aha! Bien merci por ca Cristienne! Ca c'est une bon nomme! Nonc Greezy from now on. No, wait a minute. That would make me feel kind of narcissistic. Claiming to be everyone's uncle. Good suggestion, but I just can't do that.

Re: Greatest Accordion Riff of All Time

Nonc Greezy. The greatest of all time. The legend lives.

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