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Re: Iry Lejeune's Killer Identified

I agree with Jerry. Greezy you don't really contribute anything helpful to the forum but persistent rambling. You consistently throw well known popular Cajun artists under the bus and talk yourself up like you are some kind of hidden master Cajun accordionists. You don't back up any of your technique talk and critiques with actual videos or sound clips, but yet "you know best". Instead, you prefer to post videos of other Cajun accordion masters to try and get your points across. All this while hiding under a fake name. Sounds to me like you're just a sore, bitter outsider.

Re: Iry Lejeune's Killer Identified

Well there GF. What I'm doing must be good enough to keep your intent interest. From your comment, you've been paying close attention and I appreciate that. With me, you have to read between the lines somewhat. I usually bait with some interesting topic, then turn the world on its head for massive effect. Gets into people's heads I think. Stays there too. Thanks for the encouragement to keep doing exactly what I've been doing. Read and ponder my friend....read and ponder.

Re: Iry Lejeune's Killer Identified

What an ass. Get a life coward.

Re: Iry Lejeune's Killer Identified

What's your name GF?

Come on Geezy, you are full of it dude or dudette, we don't know. I didn't see the harm of identifying yourself but for some reason you do. I used to go by Le Piquant and I stopped because my sack is equipped with the real thing.

And you chose not to reply to my post. I am not impressed with fancy accordion playing for example I don't care on bit for Wayne Toups playing. To me presentation is more important than fancy finger work.


Re: Iry Lejeune's Killer Identified

Jerry, I have replied to your post. And you are right about fancy accordion playing. I don't care for it, but it has become part of accordion playing! I am capable of doing it if need be. I had to learn it to be able to shut down any and all of the show-offs if I ever came across one, lol. I am well aware for example that Aldus Roger was able to burn up his accordion with only 3 to 4 buttons. My grand father was able to do the same thing with the simplest of button sequences. And all that quick finger work done behind the pick up mic sort of out of sight of the onlooker. Aldus didn't even crack a smile most of the time. His clothes were as plain as could be. He actually ate a hotdog before one of his sets. Got up on stage and began to play, leaned over and threw up that hotdog to the side and never missed a lick on the song. He wasn't a pretty fellow and he sure wasn't fancy. But yet he is remembered in history. Whether people liked him or not, he is remembered. Wayne Toups has his show style, but I can assure you, unplugged and offstage, he can play it well and in some cases just as good as Iry Lejeune! But no big deal, so can I. If fancy or non fancy finger work brings about a favorable presentation that everyone or almost everyone enjoys, then by all means! Do it! It sounds like you need to talk Jerry? Do you need a friend in me? hehehe

Re: Iry Lejeune's Killer Identified

what the hell does that have to do with the topic? The topic is why do you hide behind a fake name and by the way say Hi to Hebert in Kaplan.


Re: Iry Lejeune's Killer Identified

LOL GF. Don't get upset now friend. But while we're at it...could you define or go into more detail about what "a life" should consist of or your idea of what it should be. Maybe I'm not living mine to it's fullest potential due to my own ignorance of some great enlightenment that has gone completely over my head. Could you elaborate please? Don't just leave me hanging like this. Maybe in your many lifetimes, you found the answer. Please share it with all of us for God's sake! Because this is only my first lifetime on this planet. Unlike you, I plan on getting it right on this first go round, because "I'm never coming back." Did you catch all that? Lots of esoteric meaning right there my friend! Twisty as hell it is!

Nom de Plume


Full disclosure.

Re: Nom de Plume

It's that easy

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