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Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

I, also will be sad if Greezy really does depart from this forum. I found his musings very interesting
and consider him as sort of raconteur with strong opinions.

I travel to Louisiana every year for festivals or
accordion lessons from Steve R. and others. Since I am just a tourist so to speak I know very little of
the politics of the SW Louisiana cajun music scene although I have heard indirectly about some of the topics that Greezy
talks about. I'd like to hear more!

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

Maybe he should start his own forum. I for one didn't find him interesting nor amusing just long winded and repetitious


Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

I'd like to thank those that have spoken up for me, my efforts and concern were for you. As far as for you Jerry...Could it be that the things I talk about tend to threaten you and your little Thibodeaux microcosm? You came and saw what was going on in the Lafayette area. I know because I used to see you all over the scene in that area. But you retreated back to where you came from. Why so? Did something about the way the people received you, make you want to disappear from that scene? I was there sometimes, watching you, but I never approached you. So I can safely say, that your failure had nothing to do with me when you were only just starting out in the Cajun music scene. Maybe you couldn't find what you were looking for because of your very own attitude, or you didn't quite feel,...accepted?
Maybe the points I try to put across go way over your head because you don't bother reading my whole post due to your narcissism complex, or you have trouble with reading comprehension and paying attention to details? Or maybe, by choice you don't want to acknowledge my philosophies and generous giving of information because deep down inside, my points remind you of the time when you sought acceptance from the south central Louisiana Cajun music scene and it didn't quite go the way you wanted. If you had just come a little more south, you would have found the good guys. Involved, yet frustrated people just like yourself.. My people, my clan. Some got dam good players, but we don't show it off on the bandstand, the jam scene, nor on the world scene. I'm the boldest and most capable of the bunch that was willing to come on this accordion forum and stir up the pot a little. Well, seems I've stirred it up too much. My people say it's time to stop. So long folks. It has been fun......................

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

All this from a chicken **** and hides behind some ridiculous name. Hey ******* did you know I have written, recorded and sold an original Cajun tune? Look it up ****head. Did you know I have been on LouisianaTravel.com as on of 7 must see cultural events in Louisiana and our jam was the first one listed? Did you know that I have been on LPB and viewed all over the state? Did you know I have been on the cover of a tri parish magazine. Did you know that I have been on stage at the Liberty Theater? Did you know I have been doing a jam at the Jean Lafitte Cultural Center for over 7 years? The first traditional Cajun music jam to have the success we have had south of the Intercoastal Canal? As far as my not being seen in Lafayette area has nothing to do will the stupid **** you came up with. My needs were met playing here in Thibodaux. Did you know I am from Vatican Louisiana? Now you know a lot about me personally, all we know about you is you think you are the professor and we are all in awe of your extensive knowledge about playing a 10 button accordion? My face book page is Jerry L. Moody I sure you have looked at many times. On youtube you can look me up there too, just look up Jerry Moody. you will see I once got to sit in with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. Anyone else on here ever have the that kind of opportunity? Oh and Steve asked me to play. Go to KEUN and look at there most requested song list I made it 3 weeks in a row. If you are friends with Paul Marx at KBON ask him or any of the DJ's on his station about my song. You have nothing not a ******* thing to offer me educationally or culturally. Blow smoke up these guys ass if you want. Now folks I had no intention of this **** going this on here. I brought to this slime balls attention that he question the identity of someone while hiding behind his phony name. Challenge me you ******* but do it to my face

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

This is the most fun I have had since my vasectomy.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

I know huh? LMAO hey I wonder what new accordion riff we will learn today?

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

Try this one Jerry.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

Hardy har har !!

I might try some new riffs.. however:

I recently had a trapeziectomy.. lots of fun, casts, drugs..
plenty of time to post one handed.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

ow. Sorry bout your thumb.



Hit by a car 30 plus years ago. Shattered my left wrist and hand/thumb. Broke the ball off my right shoulder etc. 2 surgeries and 2 years without being able to play any instruments.. guitar was my thing.

For the last 2 years seriously degenerating muscle mass in my left arm. Serious and intolerable level 10 pain at the base of the thumb.. locked up wrist. Could not play accordeon because I could not hold the bass side up.

Could not take any more..no intermediate action such as cortisone worked.
had to go the full monty...
Remove the bone... take a tendon through a hole my forearm. cut it at the wrist. pull it through the hole , split it lengthwise.. reinsert.. half to the original location and the other half tied to the base of the thumb to keep it in place.
Thumb is now 1/2 " shorter and in a different location.. but I have it, and it works.
9 weeks in casts... wimpy therapy so I dropped it and did my own.. They said 4 months to get to a point where the majority of the mobility was back.. I did it in 4 weeks and still have a ways to go.. but I'm not driving 400 miles round trip once a week for a total of 8 to get stroked...

Pain at the base of the thumb nearly gone lots of grip power and flexibility is back..

Serious arthritis in the other joints of the thumb still bad and according to the medicos no fix... live with it.

This is not carpal tunnel stuff (which is bad enough.. I had it and worked through it many years ago), this is far more serious. Hope none of you faces this.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

can y'all believe this bull****? he is the most courageous? Man I don't know who you are and for that I am thankful. I have met my share of stupid ****s in my life therefore my quota has been reached. If you don't play in a band, and you don't play at jams, where do you show this extraordinary skill? Do you have a dog? A wife? A boyfriend?


Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

Greezy McGill Shall Stay

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

We can't wait for the next in a series of "accordion riffs"

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