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Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

Starting to get bored with the current line up because its becoming a tad repetitious playing bayou teche and bayou noir and any other well known waltz and two step.. Its also because i wanna learn more.

Re: Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

If you're interested in some relatively unknown, early Cajun pieces, consider the following:

The Complete Early Recordings Of Dennis McGee (Yazoo, 1994)
While Dennis can be found in a variety of other compilations, I chose this one since it covers the vast material he did with Courville and Fruge in one collection. It however does not contain the material with Ardoin or Lejeune.

Cajun Early Recordings (JSP, 2004)
Traditional and String Band eras. This 4CD set will really kick-off your Cajun music library. It covers plenty of early Falcon, Breaux, McGee Ardoin, Soileau, even Walker! The last CD is purely Hackberry Ramblers in all their glory.

CAJUN-Rare & Authentic (JSP 2008)
Traditional and String Band eras. Similar to JSP's early 2004 release, this one is just as essential. Materials you can't find in the first one, can be found here, including other McGee, Breaux, Falcon, and Ardoin materials, but also Segura, Dixie Ramblers, Jolly Boys, and several of Werner sessions, with some Hackberry Ramblers and Alley Boys as well.

Early American Cajun Music (Yazoo, 1999)
Traditional era. This covers the obscure recordings from north of Cajun country, by John Bertrand, Blind Uncle Gaspard and Delma Lachney. Distinctly different than the French which was being recorded at the time, this CD contains the most material from this group.

Let Me Play This For You: Rare Cajun Recordings (Tompkins Square, 2013)
Traditional era. This is really the only release to cover the material from Angelas Lejeune and the duo Percy Babineaux & Bixy Guidry in full glory. This contains the issues of Dennis with Angelas as well that the Yazoo is missing. Until 2013, most of this wasn't available to anyone. Mastered by my good friend Chris King.

and maybe this one too....

Cajun Country Volume 2: More Hits From The Swamp (JSP, 2005)
Traditional era and string band. This does contain quite a bit of some material from the CDs above, but has enough rare stuff to complete your collection that I still recommend it if you have the room in the library. While it has some Ardoin, Falcon, Lejeune, Werner and Alley Baoys, what makes it shine is it's include of the Credeur stuff, Soileau Couzens, Arteleus Mistric, Columbus Fruge, Segura Brothers, Fawvor Brothers, Slim Doucet, Joe's Acadians, Delin T, tons of Fuselier's Merrymakers, very early Nathan Abshire, and tons of early Happy Fats. Def needed in the library.


Re: Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

Starting to get bored Brandon? Dude, you have 300-500 Cajun songs that can be considered standards or classics. If you haven't already, you have to find these songs, or at least the ones you like enough to want to learn to play, then you have to get the lyrics in both French and English, learn how to speak French, learn your accordion inside and out and all the possible combinations it can do alone and with other instruments of the band, work on your accordion playing and presentation, figure out a plan on how you will put it to use once you become worthy of playing the music for someone....I can go on and on. You're boredom seems to be due to a lack of drive with a bit of ignorance thrown in there for good measure. WF offers you a treasure trove of old recordings and you don't even take the time to respond? Very questionable.....very questionable indeed.

Re: Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

Don't ever question my dedication to Cajun French music greazy. Just because I have not replied to WF for his great suggestions doesn't mean that I have not looked into it nor started to learn new songs. I will always be a student of the accordion and now fiddle till the day I die. I have put countless hours into my Accordion and fiddle. All I asked for was songs that no one plays anymore because the current line up of songs I play is beginning to be repetitious. And who the hell are you to say that I am not worthy to play this music that I love so dearly for someone? I have sat in and played with some of the greatest bands and musicians to ever play Cajun music. There have been nights were I have stayed up for hours practicing, learning, and playing... Hell at times I even have put my high schooling and day job on the back burner so I can practice this craft.

Re: Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

Every forum has folks who like to poke and troll, don't fall for the bait.

Re: Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

In going through those very old recordings, like you, looking for recordings not done much anymore, I stumbled onto Slim Doucet. Only two recordings I know of, but love them both, Waxia Special (later recorded by Steve Riley) and Chere Yeux Noirs (not same tune as Lawrence Walker's). There's quite a few like that.

Another thought is going through old fiddle tunes, and seeing if any can be put to the bellows.

Re: Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

Yep, check out that old music like WF listed, and what's on Neal's "Hadacol It Something" site. It's a shame some of them old tunes have faded away. Octa Clark also has a few that aren't heard in the dance halls much. Also some of the new groups, like Lost Bayou Ramblers and Pineleaf Boys have some good original tunes. No doubt hearing the same few songs over and over get old.

Re: Two steps and waltzes hardly anyone plays anymore

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