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Re: Early Cajun music compilations

Hey Wade. A great list of stuff. Thanks for taking the time to come up with this.

John in Oregon

Re: Early Cajun music compilations

Wade? Priceless information on that list. I know it took you a lot of time to do and many years to come to know such information Worth more to some than others unfortunately. And all in one place! Yes, you posted similar to this in the past, but new folks come on and don't know how to find it, don't know it exist, or they're in to only new Cajun recordings for glory purposes of learning the accordion and are actually repelled by these old recordings. I for one am glad this list is in this discussion board's archive.
Can you tell me this? Floyd's Record Shop in Ville Platte I believe is no longer in operation. Just heard about this the other day. Do you know of a music store in South Louisiana or even a website specifically that would offer this whole set of recordings, or they could order them? Do you have ties to such an outlet, because I'd buy directly from you. If you're local, I'll pay in cash.
Hell, a trip to one of these music stores if they exist, would make a good weekend outing. Thanks again Wade.

Re: Early Cajun music compilations

Floyd's physical store is closed, but he has a few for sale at another location, not sure where. But you can still get his stuff online.

There's always Neal's website, also, which is what opened my eyes to a world of otherwise unavailable old music.

Re: Early Cajun music compilations


I don't pretend to be an authority on this, bur I do think that I have all of the recordings that Wade identified. Unfortunately, There are not many record stores left anywhere, including SW Louisiana. On-line though, There are some pretty good places to find Cajun recordings, particularly the ones that Wade identified.

Some of the best that I have used are ebay, half.com, amazon.com, and CDbaby.
Some are also available from countysales,com. Although i haven't looked at Elderly Instruments for a while, they used to have a good selection of good Cajun recordings. I have not used the website for Louisiana Music factory inNew Orleans, but I think that they are still there.

The key to finding them is to use the best phrases for your search. Try thing like Cajun, Cajun compilation, the label (JSP, Proper, Swallow, etc., in particular for the compilations. For specific artists, just use the artist's name. Ebay definitely has a lot of the compilations.

Just use information from Wade's listings and find the best terms to use in your searches. You will find a lot of the recordings. If you need more suggestions, just let me know; and I'll try to help.

Using the computer is definitely not as interesting as going to a good record store, but there just are not many of them around any more.

Jack Bond

Re: Early Cajun music compilations

I'm not an authority either of course, but I receive regular mails of
flattownmusic.com aka Floyd's Record Shop
See link#2
I saw Bryan there back in 2011 when the shop was still open
Also vynil, but many 45 rpm records

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