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Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

This is the most fun I have had since my vasectomy.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

I know huh? LMAO hey I wonder what new accordion riff we will learn today?

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

Try this one Jerry.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

Hardy har har !!

I might try some new riffs.. however:

I recently had a trapeziectomy.. lots of fun, casts, drugs..
plenty of time to post one handed.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

ow. Sorry bout your thumb.



Hit by a car 30 plus years ago. Shattered my left wrist and hand/thumb. Broke the ball off my right shoulder etc. 2 surgeries and 2 years without being able to play any instruments.. guitar was my thing.

For the last 2 years seriously degenerating muscle mass in my left arm. Serious and intolerable level 10 pain at the base of the thumb.. locked up wrist. Could not play accordeon because I could not hold the bass side up.

Could not take any more..no intermediate action such as cortisone worked.
had to go the full monty...
Remove the bone... take a tendon through a hole my forearm. cut it at the wrist. pull it through the hole , split it lengthwise.. reinsert.. half to the original location and the other half tied to the base of the thumb to keep it in place.
Thumb is now 1/2 " shorter and in a different location.. but I have it, and it works.
9 weeks in casts... wimpy therapy so I dropped it and did my own.. They said 4 months to get to a point where the majority of the mobility was back.. I did it in 4 weeks and still have a ways to go.. but I'm not driving 400 miles round trip once a week for a total of 8 to get stroked...

Pain at the base of the thumb nearly gone lots of grip power and flexibility is back..

Serious arthritis in the other joints of the thumb still bad and according to the medicos no fix... live with it.

This is not carpal tunnel stuff (which is bad enough.. I had it and worked through it many years ago), this is far more serious. Hope none of you faces this.

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

can y'all believe this bull****? he is the most courageous? Man I don't know who you are and for that I am thankful. I have met my share of stupid ****s in my life therefore my quota has been reached. If you don't play in a band, and you don't play at jams, where do you show this extraordinary skill? Do you have a dog? A wife? A boyfriend?


Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

Greezy McGill Shall Stay

Re: Greezy Has Left The Building

We can't wait for the next in a series of "accordion riffs"

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