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Re: Hah!

More Steve Riley worship? Come on now guys. Dude's head is big enough. He has just recently declared himself, with help from Wayne Toups, as one of the "KINGS" of the accordion on the Liberty Theatre Show a couple weeks back. Really now?? Listen, I know of a very good accordion player that refuses to play Jolie Blond because he absolutely despises the song. I often wondered why he would feel that way about Jolie Blond, until I became aware of the Perrodin Two Step. It was then that I knew exactly how he felt about Jolie Blond. While Jolie Blond is the Cajun National Anthem and every single button on the accordion keyboard is used when it's played properly, Perrodin is a repetitive "show off" song that doesn't ever really stir up any excitement in me, for being a two step. It is usually reserved for when an accordion player finally learns it and can finally show it off to prove to the world that he plays it just like everybody else that already knows how to play it. Pretty much known as Peacocking yourself around. LOL 3>> I learned it, and never played it for anyone but my dog. Ha, he looked at me, sat down and licked his balls indifferent and could care less. I guess he was trying to say, "So you think you're good eh, well, I can lick my own balls son." "Try that one big shot!" LOL, I guess it all boiled down to a matter of perspective. ahahahaha

Re: Hah!

Now that's well put brah.
But I still like me the Perrodin 2 Step, for when dat tune gets into your head, it just won't get out.

This creole version is pretty fresh and groovin.

(how can I embed vidz?)

Re: Hah!

Blue Max - you make a good point.

Re: Hah!

When you reply or start a new message, right above the message box is a little link in the parenthesis is says (bb code allowed and html allowed) click the "bb code" link. At the bottom is has a youtube embed code. Copy and paste that into the message then copy and replace the youtube address they have in that with the youtube address of the video you want to embed. Simple as that.

Re: Most Difficult Tune

I didn't read the other options yet,
but the Perrodin is the first one on my list.
To play a tune well , they are all tricky

Andrew Carriere and the Perrodin at link#2 (was posted before)

Bosco Stomp! Don't try this at Home!

I don't play much CA nowadays, but I remember the Bosco Stomp,(version Savoy-Doucet) - was a hard nut to crack, especially the turn. It's a "crooked" tune, with no regular structure, and that makes it extra hard to learn.
This was before I learned from Chris Miller and Dirk Powell, and before there was any method of slowing down. I had to listen over and over again, I wrote down the notes, hummed the tune all day and somehow more or less managed to make something of it on my little 114. I don't think I could play it now!

Re: Bosco Stomp! Don't try this at Home!

Catmelodeon on youtube:

Bosco Stomp.


Re: Difficult Tunes ie: Perrodin Two Step

For you cats dead set on learning the Parlar Trick Perrodin Two Step. Let's take away all the distraction and learn it the same way Steve Riley probably learned it. Let Tony "The Dewey" Balfa play it for you and you can follow on your "D" accordion 1st pozish pushing mostly.

After you get that down, switch to your "C" accordion 1st pozish pushing mostly, and play along with Austin Pitre. Let that loud base beat in the back ground keep you on track and in rhythm. Spend about 2-3 hours with both videos for good muscle memory.

Remember, the Perrodin can be played using only buttons 5,6,7,8. Then you just search for their sister buttons and play doubles whenever you are able or when doubles obviously apply. Persistence pays off. It also helps if there's no one in the same house with you when you begin to learn this song, for they will grow to hate it pretty badly, while you grow to love the way it makes you feel when you play it. Like a great big beautiful PEACOCK! hehehehe.

Re: Difficult Tunes ie: Perrodin Two Step

Just messing around...Tony was that not so famous Balfa that was usually seen beating on Dewey's fiddle with those sticks. Very obscure fellow don't you think? I wonder why?

Bosco Stomp

Well Jeff, this is actually Grand Bosco, a Cajun Blues song, and not Bosco Stomp!

Re: Bosco Stomp

Just thought I'd give you a bit of free air time : )

Good stuff, watched most of the videos.

Bosco Stomp Revisited:


Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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