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Re: Hah!

More Steve Riley worship? Come on now guys. Dude's head is big enough. He has just recently declared himself, with help from Wayne Toups, as one of the "KINGS" of the accordion on the Liberty Theatre Show a couple weeks back. Really now?? Listen, I know of a very good accordion player that refuses to play Jolie Blond because he absolutely despises the song. I often wondered why he would feel that way about Jolie Blond, until I became aware of the Perrodin Two Step. It was then that I knew exactly how he felt about Jolie Blond. While Jolie Blond is the Cajun National Anthem and every single button on the accordion keyboard is used when it's played properly, Perrodin is a repetitive "show off" song that doesn't ever really stir up any excitement in me, for being a two step. It is usually reserved for when an accordion player finally learns it and can finally show it off to prove to the world that he plays it just like everybody else that already knows how to play it. Pretty much known as Peacocking yourself around. LOL 3>> I learned it, and never played it for anyone but my dog. Ha, he looked at me, sat down and licked his balls indifferent and could care less. I guess he was trying to say, "So you think you're good eh, well, I can lick my own balls son." "Try that one big shot!" LOL, I guess it all boiled down to a matter of perspective. ahahahaha

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