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Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Joe Sue', I looked everywhere for the lyrics to Two Step de Mama, and you're right. It is not to be found. If you ever do get all of the lyrics, how are you going to sing that song? Chances of singing it like Amede Ardoin are about 10 out of 100. That's why no one touches his songs hardly. Unless of course you're Wilson Savoy. LOL. His feeble attempt to sing like Amede actually sounds like a case of chronic constipation. But, if you ever do get all the lyrics, be sure and tell everyone that you're about to play the song for,..that "Two Step de Mama" was recorded by Amede Ardoin, then later made more famous after it was re-recorded by Iry Lejeune as the Lacassine Special. If you don't believe it, have a close listen below.

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Thanks Greezy.

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Pardonne-moi, donc chère, ma Joline
J’vas m’en aller, ouais, à la maison
Mais comment ça se fait, oh ouais ils vont me retourner
Mais ça m’fait trop d’la peine, mais ouais, te r’voir
Oh ouais revoir quand toi tu m’as mal fait,
J’connais ça me fait du mal pour moi pleurer

Ma Joline, bonsoir jolie Joline
Bonsoir Catin, bonsoir mais ouais je m’en vas
Tu connais (y a) personne jamais qui va me rejoindre
Jamais encore après ça que tu m’as fait
Ça me fait si dur de quitter de ta maman
Je veux pas de voir des autrements que toi

Comment je vas faire, bye bye oh ouais catin
Donc c’est mignonne, c’est toi, ouais ‘tite tête noire
**Mais garde-donc toi**? je te voulais jolie mignonne,
Mais ouais pas de te r’voir, ta chère maman m’a fait
La cause à toi, catin, je pourrais pleurer
Ouais donc ouais pleurer, je crois pas ça me fait du bien

open to suggestions, that's what i got though.

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Very well !! It's simpler to understand all the lyrics ....after


Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Nice work Jordy, as usual. Big thanks to Marc as well. You guys never fail.

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Jordy, how in the heck did you do that? Or where did you get it? I'm a linguist in 3 different languages LOL, and even after seeing the lyrics you posted, which seem to match almost perfect, I'm still having trouble understanding Amede word for word when I listen along. Did you use a stethoscope? One thing is obvious, he did sing off the cuff and they seem to have spoken a different kind Cajun French the farther back you go in time. I'm going to take a stab at translating it to English to see if this guy was drunk or singing jibberish when he recorded. It's crazy! No wonder everybody that "borrowed" his music rewrote the words and changed the titles. I always wondered if when Amede walked into one of those farm houses to play a gig, did he say in his mind..."Wear da white women at?"

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Nice one Jeff.

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

You're welcome.

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

LOL Jeff nailed that old fk He can't let it go

Re: Amédé Ardoin Two Step De Mama lyrics

Thanks WF. Blue, I transcribed it myself.I needed some practice and have been on a kick lately.

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