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April 2017 Song of the Month - Bayou Pon Pon

Continuing the effort to put out some relatively easy songs to give the newer folks some repertoir, we'll go with Bayou Pon Pon this month.

Wade provides some great background on this song on his blog. You will also want to follow the link to the version by Joe Falcon


Heres a version by Angelas LeJeune recorded in 1929


Kevin Naquin does considerably more revved up version


This version by Ganey Arsement is good for learning it. Get the FreeYoutubeDownloader, download the video and slow it down if need be.


There are other versions to be found. Search for Bayou Pon Pon on youtube.

Let's hear it then. Especially the newer folks. Recording yourself and then posting it is a huge step and will help your playing.

John in Oregon

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