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Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

I went back into the archives and researched the words "Allons a Lafayette" and found that there was and probably still is confusion about this song.

I will quote AJ from the time period of Feb. 2014:
"As far as I understand the standard way to play Lafayette is in third posistion. Well I've been trying to pick out the original Joe and Cleoma tune and it sounds distinctly different to me, I'm certain its in C. Was Joe Falcon playing it on an F accordion or is his version in first posistion?
The modern versions don't sound half as bouncy as Falcon's. Has anyone else noticed such a difference between the original and modern versions? Please (wood)shed some light."

...and back to Greezy.
Listen very closely to the original version by Joe Falcon and Cleoma in the video below. There was even some confusion when they recorded the original version! LOL, Cleoma came in on that guitar right off the bat in the key of "C", when she should have waited for Joe to intro the very first few notes of the song(which are in "G")then come in on the "C" with the guitar when Joe begins the melody (which starts in "C"). In other words, she came in on the right key, but she came in too soon. She screws this up I believe twice during the song. Maybe Joe Falcon wasn't sure himself? Joe's voice is doing the correct version of "Allons a Lafayette, but at at least one point, Cleoma is not following his singing voice correctly either! This innocent mistake has set off confusion and speculation about "Allons a Lafayette" ever since. I hashed this out by taking out the guitar, the "c" accordion, the fiddle, and listened to very many youtube videos and played along. Oh it gets even better. I am no where near done with this conundrum. STAY TUNED! Please, retain your got dam comments until I finish the story! LOL

Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom - by AJ - Apr 14, 2017 10:10pm

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