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Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

Ok, now I give you Harry Choates, who's band comes in at the right time and in on the key of "C". If you want to learn "Allons a Lafayette" let the master fiddler "give you the song" as it should be! If you've never experienced a fiddler "giving you the song" as you try to mimic his fiddle sounds on your accordion, then you haven't yet begun to live!
Also pay close attention to the singing. He is singing the A-part of "Allons a Lafayette". At no point in time does he sing the B-part or the turn. As a side note, the guitar chord progression for Allons a Lafayette is as follows: C,G,D,G and repeat for the whole song for both the melody and the turn. The song ends with one last short A-part, and ends with the "G" guitar chord. So we have a song that starts in "C" but ends in "G" according to the guitar. Oh, there's more to come! Believe that like you believe in Jesus! Its about to get twisted as a bag of dislexic pretzels. You might want to go pour yourself a stiff drink.

Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom - by AJ - Apr 14, 2017 10:10pm

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