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Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom

Greezy you're overthinking things.

I'm pretty sure Allons à Lafayette as played by Cleoma and Joe Falcon is in the key of G, played in second position on a C box.
As you noticed, Cleoma f**** up the chords, especially at the start of the tune. The melody calls for a IV chord at the beginning (C chord) but she stays on the I chord (G) and chills on it... which gives the song its color!
Of course the record is not true to A440 pitch so it may complicate things a bit if one wanna play along.


*** EDIT ***

Ohhhhh, now I get why this seems to confuse some people.

The melody starts on a C chord but it's not a C tune. The tune is in G. As you pointed out, there's also a D chord in the mix... G, C and D = I IV and V for the key of G = G tune.

There's quite a few tunes starting on the IV chord. Grand Texas comes to mind.

Re: Cleoma Falcon Created a got dam Maelstrom - by AJ - Apr 14, 2017 10:10pm

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