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Re: Bryan LaFleur

I understand !

Did you see the Beltuna one row in D that came up for sale about 2 hrs ago on Mel Net. Sold in 2 hrs... 2 hrs.,.A steal.

I just missed it .. dammmmmm. And about $2000 US delivered from England.

Did you see the photo of the reeds and innards..?
See anything unusual in this box ? Other than the embossing on the outside and (thankfully) no end plate scroll imprints/engraving.. and metal corners?

I am told the action is far superior to Castagnari, and Castanari is the best I have ever played.

But the current USA price is $2500 with Artigiana reeds... same in CANADA but they use Binci reeds.

Lots of Irish players and Quebec players are giving up their Castagnaris for the new Beltuna "Cajun".
In spite of the name.. it is not a "Cajun" box.

One notable long time Castagnari player from Finland has also switched to Beltuna after 25 years...I do have a recording of the Finnish player .. half the CD is the Castagnari, the other half is the Beltuna, the difference is obvious.

That says something.

Do you see anything I am not seeing that makes this the current favorite.. other than lots of wax ? Anything that makes you think about changes to your efforts? Interesting stand up reed block, I'd like to see the other side.

As to 13 buttons...
Less is sometimes more.

The key elements..
Design, materials, workmanship.

I am thinking "concert quality" in a one row.

Has that gone through your mind.. a bit of a departure. But an instrument that is not culturally of genre specific...

Whats the verdict on the Czech reeds.. ?

Eric Martin of France has made two rows with exposed pallets.. look like 2 row "CAJUN" accordeons.

I know a few folks who own them.

They say they sound and play well but are essentially a kit that needs reworking and lots of maintenance.

How about a 2 row similar to a Castagnari Lilly... 9 button sized bellows but 2 row 21 button single reed. No need to worry about dry or wet tuning : ).

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