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Re: Traditional players

Ha, it definitely is a rhetorical question. "traditional" is a very vague and slippery object in anything Cajun. It may be easier to define if the music actually came over with the Acadians, but it didn't, it was born here by a melding of so many influences, and never quit changing. To some, even the accordion may not be considered traditional. The steel guitar may be considered traditional to some because it was used in what is now old recordings. Some consider the harmonica not traditional, even though it was used at least as long as the accordion. Who gets to decide.

So it is an instrument thing, or a feel thing? For me it is a feel thing, but for any of us, we have to pick our own point in the constant changing music to pick what is traditional to us, making us each right in our own mind, and wrong.

I think mr. Master Musician said some poignant words here:

"A playing style that bleeds of an unbreakable integrity. One that cannot be questioned as to it's authenticity. A playing style that does not bring discredit to the accordion player nor the melodies he chooses to play. A playing style that reflects directly, the musician's heart and soul and thus brings peace or joy to all that may hear."

The old players had distinctive styles because they often didn't have recordings to listen to, just memory from a live performance. Once recordings became common, they still weren't able to slow down and dissect recordings like we can now, so they all had their own twist. Is Iry traditional? Well, his music was his interpretation and twist on Amede and Angelas' music. I wonder who their influences were. Now many players sound exactly alike, because they are trying to. Is that good or bad? Some genres that is what is expected, not so with Cajun music, if you do that you are copying. So someone puts their twist, and many scream, "you're not traditional".

So how do you win, and who's right. You can't win and no one is right. Who cares, this is what is important to me, "A playing style that reflects directly, the musician's heart and soul and thus brings peace or joy to all that may hear".

Many old masters injected a syncopated rhythm in their playing, mastery of the base side, which many don't even play anymore. They had an ability to pour emotion into their playing that made the listener not notice that the player wasn't technically as proficient as some. Those are the things I consider traditional, and are the hardest to capture.

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