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Re: Traditional players

Bryan, I could not have put it better! That is the kind of depth and understanding I was hoping to see within the Cajun Accordion Culture one day. Looks like that day has come.

There are people out there, that have never witnessed an old master or even a newer master pour emotion into an accordion or fiddle presentation. They've never witnessed an accordion player "get into the zone" and play the best version of a song they've ever heard. They have never shed a tear when watching a Cajun musician play a tune that pulls on forgotten emotion. They have never gotten goose bumps from catching a glimpse of an accordion player's best moment that was so good, it could reach out and make a connection with a little 5 year old kid that was so strong that the kid would grow up and want to play the accordion 20 years later and for the rest of his life after that.

That's why capturing the "traditional" is so hard. You can't fake it. You can't buy it. It usually takes a long time to accomplish. There are no shortcuts to accomplish it without awareness of it. And....it is music from the soul of one to the soul of another. And more often than not, it is from a time gone by. A very rare occurrence indeed! But still possible to capture if you are aware that such a thing exist. We are now all aware of it. Thank you!

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