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Reed banks / register orientation (for builders / techies)


On my cajun accordion, the registers (stops) go like this:

MLMH (reed type)
_ | | _ (orientation, i.e., flat or standup)

I suppose it is the standard approach.

Now as one can see, the two M reed banks are in a different position (one standing up and one laying flat). When messing with the stops playing one reed bank at a time, it is obvious that the 2 M banks have very different tones. The flat one (_) is warm, mid rich, slightly muted. The standup one (|) is piercing and louder in the treble range. Both together yield a complex, rich and full tone. The classic cajun accordion tone.

This little experiement shows that laying a reed flat tends to improve the lower end (bass and mids) while making it stand up improves the higher end (treble presence).

Now if we look at the L and H reed banks, the L is standing up and the H is laying flat. This to me seems counterintuitive, as common sense would dictate to do just the opposite (laying the L reeds flat to make them bassier and making the H reeds stand up to make them treblier).

So here are my questions:
1/ Has any builder ever tried to switch L and H reeds position, in order to make the L reeds even bassier and the H reeds even more trebly?
2/ Or perhaps the L reeds can't be laid flat because of their extra size?
3/ Or perhaps laying the L reeds flat would make them muted and too low while raising the treble reeds would make them too shrill and piercing?

Sounds like fun experiments could be carried out.


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