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Re: Gabbanelli C for sale on Craigslist

I've had a Gabbanelli Cajun King in D, and it sounds great, though not QUITE as good as a handmade in Louisiana, and yes, a bit harder on the elbows.

Re: Gabbanelli C for sale on Craigslist

Gabbanellis (and most accordeons) are handmade.. no other way to do it.

Gabbanellis are not made by Gabbanelli.

They also have goofy reed blocks, are quiet and the sound is just "ok"

But for $500 bucks.. and if you don't have to deal with Gabbanelli in Texas.. might be a good deal.

The link says "posting expired".

Re: Gabbanelli C for sale on Craigslist

Bryan, I bought one for resale a couple of years back and played it for about a month. It was a solid box, and it went for $500. Paul Daigle and Ed Poullard both played it and judged it to be an excellent student accordion. Two years later the lady who bought it still likes it.

I like the design, because, unlike the HA-114, it is built on the Monarch form. Sound is better/louder than a Weltmeister, with removeable reeds. Keyboard and response are good, along with bass-side buttons in lieu of spoons. The Gabby is the best bang for the buck hands down. There's a new one eBay for $750 - that's a deal.

Re: Gabbanelli C for sale on Craigslist

Gabbanelli of Texas often sells on E-Bay and undercuts their dealers with lower price. Poor business ethics.

I have had two of them.

I prefer Hohners.

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