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The Lost Style Makes A Comeback

Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Plaquemine Brulee (The Burnt Persimmons). An obscure Cajun group that makes their home base out of Church Point, Louisiana. These guys are definitely not one dimensional. In fact, there are so many levels to their genius that it scares me back to hope! I highly recommend that you set a spell and view this recording in it's entirety. Not just once. Make yourself stay the distance. Choose to pay attention! Listen to the story and the music and try to catch the details of each personality in the band. See the deliberate choice of dress styles. 1972 polyester pants, side parted slick hair, western belts and buckles, striped western shirts, a Bohemian accordion player, a drummer that wears a "broke beak" A-frame coonass cap. These guys deliberately chose to have a non-sensational presence which for some weird reason, demands attention. As I said, so many levels of genius! If you want to see the video and have full control of it, click on the website link down at the very bottom of the post. The embedded link right below may not function. Pay attention to when they perform "T'en a eu T'en auras plus". The Frenchman nails it! Watch his last round of vocals, then the accordion base injection, then the epic lead in on the drums. LOL Excellent.

These guys have a plan. They do not go forward in ignorance. They're making a big statement to the existing circles of Cajun musicians. The Church Point Faction is making a stand!

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