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Re: Gabbanelli C for sale on Craigslist

Bryan, I bought one for resale a couple of years back and played it for about a month. It was a solid box, and it went for $500. Paul Daigle and Ed Poullard both played it and judged it to be an excellent student accordion. Two years later the lady who bought it still likes it.

I like the design, because, unlike the HA-114, it is built on the Monarch form. Sound is better/louder than a Weltmeister, with removeable reeds. Keyboard and response are good, along with bass-side buttons in lieu of spoons. The Gabby is the best bang for the buck hands down. There's a new one eBay for $750 - that's a deal.

Re: Gabbanelli C for sale on Craigslist

Gabbanelli of Texas often sells on E-Bay and undercuts their dealers with lower price. Poor business ethics.

I have had two of them.

I prefer Hohners.

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