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Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

Yea I have a HA-114B. I like the black on black bellows. I Still haven't had time to re-tune it yet. Im gonna be makeing a fingerboard and bass box for it soon.

Please send me some pics to craigv401@yahoo.com thanks

Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

I have a schematic for a keyboard I made about 8-10 years ago.
I made the prototype and sent it to a box tech for his comments.... he refused to send it back.. we haven't communicated since then.

If you like.. I can send you a copy of the schematic... and some notes with info on how I would modify it a bit.

I'll send some photos of the HA114 later today...perhaps this evening.

You won't find another one like this one too readily.

Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

I appreciate it, but my first accordion I made the finger board was 2cm on center which is what the Hohner uses. I switch to 3/4" for handmade boxes like most others.

Sounds good I will wait for some pics and will be quick to respond.

Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

My three Hohners are 19 mm. And my other 20 some odd Hohners were 19 mm.

For the moment I have reconsidered as I will never find another like mine..
HA 114 not for sale.

Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

Jesus Cripes Jeff. What the hell?! But yeah, I wouldn't sell it either. Hey "Vincent", what did that person want to do with that HA-114B? I also would rather the ole black Ha-114's. And I wouldn't be gutting it out just for the reeds. You talk about a hard accordion to find negre! Anyone that knows better would never sell them at a low price. Blame that on Hohner for discontinuing an accordion that would have become a hit and a high seller. They're idiots for having done that. How's the weather been in Welsh? Yall get a lot of rain, hail, tornados, thunderstorms, and flooding lately? Welcome to the club. Both the accordion discussion club and the bad weather club of south Louisiana.

Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

Hey, we are gonna build some finger boards and bass boxes to fit my 114B and the person thats looking for one. It dont have to be a black just as long as its older German made. Weather been nice except last week was bad. My house drains well and dont flood
but some people that where just finish redoing there homes from last August flood got flooded again, ones that live near Lacassine Bayou in Welsh.

Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

Mais Weh, sometimes I feel like we're being punished by the very land that feeds us for living down here. Well, knock on wood, at least we aint had one of them dam hurricanes for the last 9 years. I believe the people are praying them away or some magical thing like that. I guess when you get hammered hard like we've been over the last decade, you're prayers tend to be sincere and work better. We done sent all the hurricanes up the east coast or back out into the Atlantic. I never want to see them basterds again. We done paid our dues got dammit! Don't be a stranger.

Re: Looking for used Hohner HA-114

Good for a while, got two of them now!
Found and old HA-114 and a HA-114B like new.

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