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Re: air

That would definitely be splitting hairs, and I've never noticed a difference. I have noticed a difference in cold vs hot.

Re: air

"Inside and outside air"..

Or stagnant air vs breezes

Filtered indoor air as opposed to unfiltered air next to an outdoor bbq

Hot air vs cold air may make a difference

Humid air vs dry air may make a difference

In stringed instruments .. over time a humid condition will often end up as a "flabby" tone..

Not sure about accordeons as we are talking metal reeds vs wood tops on stringed instruments.

The only effect/affect I have seen of humid air on reeds is rust.. and that can choke reeds and also can change the pitch.

Re: air

I've played a few accordions over the years that have definitely become sluggish when played in an outdoor humid environment, but that wasn't anything to do with reeds and everything to do with fingerboard construction and wood swelling issues.

Re: air

Quite tru.. and any accordion, including professional accordeons such as Castagnaris.. if "stick" action..
swelling is a problem.

I know of pone new Beltuna "Cajun" one row that has had to come apart and all the rockers and wood bits in the keyboard had to be sanded or filed to get clearance.

Plastics young man, plastics. : )

Re: air

I have experienced this button-stick misery on a couple of hand-mades, but NEVER on my Acadians. If there is a secret, Marc has found it.

Re: air

I guess you build enough, you work out the little things, and it's always the little things.....

One thing I know he changed over the years is he makes his rockers wider (3/8" as opposed to the normal 5/16"), this allows him to leave more slop in the rocker slot. The wider rocker has more surface contact with the axle so that negates the slot slop, at least I think that's why he did it. Then you only have to worry about the axle hole seizing the axle, which sometimes happens, but that seems less finicky to prevent.

The biggest issue for me has been the button hole. That is also prone to wood movement causing the button to catch on the back of the hole. So I started slightly elongating the hole, but if not precise, it allows the finger to get pinched sometimes. This accordion building thing has all sorts of little issues like that, and many of them are caused by the instability of wood.

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