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Cajun Vocals

I've been dipping my toe into singing in Cajun french. Unfortunately my situation isn't one where I can drop everything and go attend a french immersion camp or travel a great distance to get instruction. I'm doing my best to learn by listening/singing along to Spotify and using the cajunlyrics.com website along with google translate to help me understand what I'm actually singing.

I am looking for anyone out there would be willing to connect via webcam and help correct my mispronunciations and help me sound as close to cajun as I can. There's just no substitute for the real thing.

Songs I have worked out and feel fairly comfortable with and need some tweaking

Bonsoir Moreau
Mullbery Branch
Kaplan Waltz
Another Lonely Night
Drunkard's Dream
Waltz of No Return
Musician's Paradise

Songs I'm currently working on and need help with pronunciation and words

J'ai Fait un Grosse Erreur
Bosco Stomp
Bayou Pon Pon

Email me if you would be willing to work with me. I'm happy to compensate for your time.

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