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translation please

could anyone please translate the lyrics to my horse aint got no socks(Horace trahan)

very much appreciated in advance.

Re: translation please

I love this song! I play it at every gig.

I heard Keith Frank's version first. He may have written it - I'm not sure. Later the Racines did a really great version.

I think this is pretty close on the lyrics:

He, malheureurse, ta maison est loin mo,
J’après venir sur mon cheval
Et mon cheval a pas d'souliers.
Il a pas d'chaussons.

Hey, unfortunate one, your house is far from me.
I am coming on my horse
And my horse has no shoes
He has no socks.

Re: translation please

Nice one.
Was just playing this on my new/old hohner GC!
Ganey has a great youtube video if you havn't seen it.

Re: translation please

I think you're right on the lyrics, David, or we're both wrong.

Re: translation please

thanx much yall

Re: translation please

I read somewhere that this was/is an old zydeco rhythm. and that keith franks put the lyricks to it.

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