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Chere Te Mon lyrics?

Are there lyrics to Chere Te Mon, and does anybody know and share them?
Include English if possible?

Re: Chere Te Mon lyrics?

Which version ?


Re: Chere Te Mon lyrics?

Since Marin has disappeared, here is Eddie LeJeune's version on the CD "Cajun Soul".
This is what we (David and I) had transcribed with difficulty on Tommy's Cajun Accordion Discussion Page 16 years ago (yeah, I still have it in my files ).

Oh, rappelle-toi cher p'tit coeur mais mo j'sus là
Hé t'en r'vené z'avec moi joli ti coeur
Oh, cher ti monde moi j'chu là dans les misères
Tout l' temps cher ti babe pour espérer jusqu'à t'en r'viens.

Oh, cher ti monde rappelle-toi tout l'est cassé
Catin, t'as écouté moi j'tais là z'avec toi
Oh, por jamais tu t'en r'viens z'avec moi
Et pour toujours partiras quand r'vient ton temps.

Re: Chere Te Mon lyrics?

I have returned! Oh, has it been awhile? The forces have graciously left me a lull in which to take up the accordion and Cajun music in general! Actually I'll probably be lucky just to hit the fiddle once in a while but
Thank you Thank you for these lyrics!! I love the music in itself, the songs, but do love to know the thought and words behind them. Even though barely speaking French, and with so many different versions of the songs, it is a bit difficult to match them up to the tune.

So glad I could find you all again!! This is the best site on the webz, imho.

Now if I can just get off of here and go back to practicing...

Re: Chere Te Mon lyrics?

(meant to reply to you - might have just posted, duh. Getting carried away here)

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