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Nice Guerrini pic!

Nice Guerrini! At a glance, it looks to be exactly the same as mine, except that mine in red, not black.

And thanks for the shoutout. I don't know if I'd go so far as claiming to be the triple row king of So Call, but I appreciate the complement. I guess I manage to get some good licks in now and then. :)



However in 10 seconds a giant pop up about New York came up and blocked the menu.. there was no provision to get rid of it.

I'll try again later.

Guess I'll have to get another three row.

And PS there are players using two rows for Zydeco, and considering there is only one extra note on a standard Hohner type layout on the third row.. just sayin'.

Great idea.. and thanks.


Thanks, Jeff for the compliment & also for the Insight on the Double-Rows. You know, in getting this up so fast & all (& also not being an absolute Expert on this subject - still learning every day), the 2-Row Accordeon was on the back of my mind & as you pointed out, it is also used in Creole/Zydeco dance music. After all, if my logic is correct, the Double-Row diatonic button accordeon must have evolved first from a Single-Row & then from there the Triple-Row finally came about. Therefore thanks to you, I see the need to add the 2-row somewhere in the TRZA Page as a much-needed feature & very important in the evolution of the Triple-Row. There are many things & much information yet to appear on this new Site & everyone is invited to pitch-in & help - No "Grand-Poobah" here tellin' you that you "Cain't" :). In this part of my life & musicianship, I just want to finally have some real FUN & now this-here new Site is part of that. "Hey- Lets have a Zydeco !". Peace - CJ


Rosie Ledet plays a 2 row Baffetti.

In Norteno/Conjunto/Tex Mex.. Santiago Jimenez ( Flaco and Santiago Jr's father) started the whole thing with a 2 row Pokerwork later Ericas and only in the 50's did the Corona (and pre Corona) 3 row come about and quickly adopted by the majority of players... The main reason was all keys on the draw primarily.. but that is a very specialized technique almost entirely used by the Latino players. Santiago continues to play the two row.

I would like to see more 2 row plying in Zydeco.. An Eb/Bb box would be great

The Zydeco players seem to get either F/Bb/Eb (cinco letres)

or GCF which is what most would consider the universal key set up for 3 rows.

One other note on three rows...

The inner row is not the "added" row to a two row. A GCF box is a CF with an added outer G row..

An F/Bb/Eb box is a Bb/Eb box with an added F row.

An ADG is a D/G with an added A row etc

Look at the bass button layout and you will see what I mean.




Yes, 2 row accordions worthwhile including in the mix.

It is worthwhile including 2 row accordions in the mix.

Most of the time, there is very little that is different in the playing style between a two row and a three row. Most zydeco songs played on a triple row only involve the use of two rows, which means there are no changes in playing style required to play on a two row. Other songs, might use all three rows, but could easily adapted to two rows without losing too much in the process. I sometimes use a third row in order to get a fuller chord here or there, or because of some minor advantage in fingering.


Re: Yes, 2 row accordions worthwhile including in the mix.

Thanks for the insight on the "2-rows". As I am continually learning this style of Accordeon, I am seeing more & more how that is true. Having studied some Tex-Mex for a while, I am quite often throwing in all three rows in my Zydeco as well, sometimes coming out as a mix of the two styles & quite pleasing sounding, especially with just the two Reeds going. Being this new Site is especially for Triple-Rows, I'll be adding a section especially for the Double Rows because of their importance in the evolution of the 3-Row Diatonic. Since there are so many knowledgeable players/posters here I'm wondering if it's ok for me to quote some of the wisdom from you players by cutting & pasting them from time to time in the Blog section. I just want to GCWCID (Give Credit Where Credit Is Due), especially since I'm not the Go-To Expert on this Style. After all these years, I'm finally getting serious about learning Triple-Row Zydeco & have much yet to learn about it. "Everything & Everyone is my Teacher" - always. Thanks again. Peace & Zydeco-To-Go !

Re: Yes, 2 row accordions worthwhile including in the mix.

Feel free to quote me all you want. No problem.

Re: Yes, 2 row accordions worthwhile including in the mix.

Guys-excuse me for being brash, but why is this thread not happening on said new forum!
This one has been swamped with those annoying drug ads so the sooner the zydeco forum kicks off the better in my opinion, maybe it could include a cajun row page.
Peace in the middle East.

Re: Yes, 2 row accordions worthwhile including in the mix.

I completely agree..
after I said I would not be back...

This site is corrupted..
And the site has corrupted my computer.

Outta here.


I've listed a triple row vintage Paolo Soprani in FBbEb ( new reeds ) with Stradella bass ( 96 basses ).. internally mic'd. Shipped from Italy. Ciao. Glen

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