Welcome to old and new friends who are interested in discussing Cajun and other diatonic accordions, along with some occasional lagniappe....



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Nice Guerrini pic!

Nice Guerrini! At a glance, it looks to be exactly the same as mine, except that mine in red, not black.

And thanks for the shoutout. I don't know if I'd go so far as claiming to be the triple row king of So Call, but I appreciate the complement. I guess I manage to get some good licks in now and then. :)

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

LFR1.gif - 1092 Bytes The April 2011 Dewey Balfa Cajun & Creole Heritage Week

augusta.gif - 6841 Bytes

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