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Need a New Box

I am looking for a Hohner two row.
Specifically a Pokerwork or a BLACK Erica
Made in Germany
All original
Excellent plus condition.
Bb/Eb or G/C preferred.


PS other higher quality 2 rows considered.
Also looking for a higher quality 3 row box.

Re: Need a New Box

Will consider trading my all original excellent condition (for its age) HA114 from the early 1950s, toward another accordeon.

Re: Need a New Box

Jeff- Castagnari 3-voice 2-row G/D any use?

Re: Need a New Box


jefe forty six at urthlink daught netttt

Re: Need a New Box

You alive Mr Guy ?

Re: Need a New Box

Jeff - tried your cryptic email twice with no success. Contact me through mine.

Re: Need a New Box

Which is ????

mine is jefe46 attt earthhhhh linkkkkkkk dottttttt nettttttt

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