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Re: Jay Miller

Miller of Louisiana ?

Re: Jay Miller

Yes ! Larry Miller no longer mades accordions so jay does ! ( At last news)

Re: Jay Miller

No Jay is not currently building. Im at Larry's just about every weekend so I can tell you that. Hopefully one day he will.

Re: Jay Miller

Thanks Greg !

Here's Danny Poullard playing one of Larry's

Danny is still my favorite accordion player and a man I was fortunate to know for a very short time.

I've owned this accordion for a while now, purchased it from a great friend of French music in Northern California. I also have a D from Mr. Miller that is just the bomb. You hear a lot about other builders but I think Larry's instruments are up there with the very best. Plus they have butt corners which let the sound out better!


Re: Here's Danny Poullard playing one of Larry's

Thanks for posting that.. there's a couple more videos of Danny on the same you tube channel... one with Eddie Lejeune and Danny.

I met Danny a few times at the "Chomp and Stomp" near Santa Cruz..
My wife and I spent most of our time there with Danny and his wife.
He asked me to come up to his pace for his garage jams , but at the time I was coast to coast commuting.
Going up there would have been infinitely more fun and memorable.

He was a great guy and an excellent player and teacher.
I had my Galotta (Weltmeister derivative) at the time. He flat wailed on it.

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