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Re: Festival Acadien et Creole 2017

Pretty sure I will be going on the Saturday. Im scheduled to work but have someone
that will more than likely be working for me.

Re: Festival Acadien et Creole 2017


Wish I could go.
Perhaps someday.. looks like great fun.

Any box builders showing their wares there ??

Re: Festival Acadien et Creole 2017

Kinda. There is a La music instrument builder's exhibit at the Hilliard Art Museum next to the festival grounds, starting this weekend and running through Festival Acadien. I've never seen any builder exhibits on the festival grounds itself.

Re: Festival Acadien et Creole 2017

Jr Martin used to display I don't know if he will this year.

Re: Festival Acadien et Creole 2017

I'll be there

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