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Re: Looking for tabs in all the wrong places

Hi Steve,

The Arriete accordions are very poor quality. My advice would be to avoid them unless there is no other choice.

As for tabs, I know there are some out there. I am not convinced that tabs are an effective learning tool.

There are a fair number of training videos out there. That's a better way to do, especially in the beginning.

In the long run, you need to develop your ear.

Bon chance!


Re: Looking for tabs in all the wrong places

Do NOT buy an Ariette. Chinese Junk.

1. Bad design
2. Bad materials
3. Bad workmanship
4. Unplayable and cannot be made to be playable.

How much did they want for the Ariette ?

There is such a thing as an accordeon for free that isn't worth it.. and the Ariette falls in that category.

Look for a Hohner HA114 in the key of C.. One made in Germany, not China.

What is your budget and where are you ?


PS the "starter" accordeon is likely made in the same factory by the same people as the Ariette..'
and don't swallow any BS about "made to our specifications" or "set up by us here in our shop"

Don't buy a Chinese accordeon, you will regret it.

Wait for a Hohner HA114 the standard by which all others are measured.

I currently have 3 and have owned well over a dozen.

Try a Weltmeister or Gallotta or any of the other German made variants..

if you must get a Gabbanelli.. I wouldn't, but between the Chinese junk and the Gabb . I'd get the Gabb even though Gabb doesn't make it. Probably made by Polverini.. low end of the Italian stuff and likely made with parts from elsewhere.

Re: Looking for tabs in all the wrong places

Thanks Jeff I went and looked at the Ariette you're right it was junk. Too bad I was hoping that it would work out. The guy was asking 300 bucks and he told me upfront that he thought it was junk also. I thought it would work until I found something else. 

I'm in Atlanta and I'm hoping to find something around the $500 mark but I might have to save up more money. I have a guy that I'm taking lessons from (when I find an accordion) that suggested that a HA114 also.

Thanks again

Re: Looking for tabs in all the wrong places

Thanks, David,

I went and looked at the Arrieta it was pretty horrible. I have played a number of stringed instruments over the years, I have found tabs to be useful when starting out. This whole Accordion thing is a little intimidating :)

Re: Looking for tabs in all the wrong places

Steve contact me.. I will save you a lot of grief..

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Re: Looking for tabs in all the wrong places

Jeff, I just sent you an email

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