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I am drawing the line.

I can put up with oxy and all that other BS drug nonsense... but considering the dope growers invaded July 15 2015 and have absolutely destroyed the landscape, the culture and social fabric as well as the economics of our small town.

As a consequence, after living here on my 11 1/2 acres for 21 years, we are getting out.

Not a joke.. These opportunist, tax dodging, greedy pigs have ru8ined what was once a paradise. My wife doesn't want to come home. Filthy , rat invested Ship hole complete with a serious criminal element. Trash on the roads, speeding, running through the 20 MPH school zone at 50 plus, break ins, a murder a month, stolen cars, bad attitude, took over the school board, the grange, the water shed council, the town council... and now have a "steering committee" to plan our town's dope future. We're getting out.
Did I mention the Post Office encourages the dopers shipping through them rather than UPS.

Thanks for allowing these ads reminding me just how totally fluxed we are.

Re: Marijuana

Jeff - you may be interested to hear that Florida is one of the 20 states to permit the sale and use of medical marijuana. On the plus side you will not be permitted to own a firearm if you are taking this 'herb'. Thus far playing the accordion is still permitted.

Re: Marijuana

Oregon has had legal "medical" marijuana since 1998.
Recreational marijuana became legal July 15, 2015 and that was the beginning of the destruction of culture and the socio economic picture of Oregon.. All down hill.

The trimmigrants are here from all over the US and we just had a murder yesterday, daily break-ins.. and all the rest of the BS that comes with scoff law criminals engaged in criminal enterprise.. ergo it is illegal to export dope out of Oregon both by state and federal law.

As to "medical marijuana" Marijuana is not a medicine.. it is an excuse to get stoned legally.

Re: Marijuana

Jeff your a fking ******* go live in a cave

Re: Marijuana

I believe that would be "you're" not your

To be credible, you might not want to sound (write) like a moron.

Marijuana is not a medicine. THC is a drug not recognized by the federal government as a "medicine". That is a fact.

You are not here, you have no idea what has happened to our town and our formerly diverse culture and beautiful landscape. The only cave dwellers we have here are part of the marijuana culture along with the road side dwellers and squatters who have invaded and are opportunistic criminals engaged in criminal enterprise under the guise of "medical marijuana".

It is not called growing dope for no reason.

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