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Re: Riley and Abshire talk about the Cajun Accordion for about an hour

That 13 button accordion is nice, but when they play together it sounds...well...

I guess that's what he's playing on Chez Waby?

Re: Riley and Abshire talk about the Cajun Accordion for about an hour

Oh My God! Ray kind of nailed it when asked about how an accordion player comes in to his or her own style @ 21:20. In other words, when he stops sounding like other accordion players. LOL. Ray said "That's where a lot of young boys go wrong...they just...they copy and copy and copy too much. They don't give themselves a chance to play their own music the way they hear it "or feel it"." When I heard that I like to lost my bowels! He was talking about "Parakeeting". Ahahahahaha which consequently means.....wait for it............I had it right all along!

But man! Notice how this session seemed forced or uncomfortable. It's not easy to show up in a foreign land and sit down in front of strange people and talk about Cajun accordion. Notice how the people get all happy at the notion of hearing something played on the accordion, then when the song is over, they barely clap or show appreciation. Very intense. People just want to be entertained...like in Rome. LOL

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