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Re: Color me Embarrassed...

LOW "F" ( bel0w the C, Bb, G boxes.) o0r High "F" above C and D boxes ?

Re: Color me Embarrassed...

High. It was built with the previous owner's wife's voice in mind.

Re: Color me Embarrassed...

I do not think the Low F (and high G) keys even exist.
The high bank reeds of an F accordion are as high as reeds go, and conversely, the low bank reeds of a G accordion are as low as could be.

But then, I've been proven to be wrong more than once :)

Re: Color me Embarrassed...

Ed Poullard built a low F box a while back. I have no idea how one pumps air into such a windjammer.

Re: Color me Embarrassed...

LOW F boxes have been made.

As to the Poullard..
How about MMMH ?

Or MMH? 3 stopper.

Or MM ? 2 stopper.

Re: Color me Embarrassed...

I may have imagined it, but I thought I had heard of a high G made not long ago. I had tried to order a set of high G from Binci by request, and they do not make them.

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