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Does anyone administer this site any longer? To delete the crazy spam posts? I used to take them off.

Re: Administration?

Big Nick does it. But he's not here all that frequently.

Re: Administration?

I take them off .. They put them on ..
I take them off .. They put them on ..
I take them off .. They put them on ..
I take them off .. They put them on ..

If you've any suggestions, I'm all ears ..


Re: Administration?

Maybe it's an idea if some of us(or one) can help you a bit with removing the rubbish.
I also understand it if you don't want that according to security.

Re: Administration?

Also .. There are likely countless more postings of these ads that I've removed
that users have likely never seen.

Sometimes, I'll log on and remove a whole gaggle of them .. 10 or 15 at a time :-(

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