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Re: FOR SALE - "Shine" Mouton Accordion - KEY OF D - $1300.00

Usually with a T or an H. They have a distinctive sound, I call the Germanic sound (yes, I made that up), and have been actively searching for new reeds that have that sound. Either way, if your D is like the C I tried a while back, someone should jump on that.

Re: FOR SALE - "Shine" Mouton Accordion - KEY OF D - $1300.00

Ahhhh the T stamped Hohner reeds! Some call them Tupelos. Thank you Bryan for bringing them up. Yes, very hard to find, and yes, they do make that "Germanic" sound. Well, that's at least one way to describe the way they sing. I've heard them described as "that sweet sound", "vibrant", "the old sound", etc.

I'd like to add "High Lonesomes" or "Crying Ladies", or maybe even "Steel Angels".

LOL Needless to say, I like me some Hohner "T" reeds. The old timers, both builders and players like them a lot too and they were the "secret weapon" every wise accordion player and maker sought after once those got dam Italian reeds started to take over the market.

Re: FOR SALE - "Shine" Mouton Accordion - KEY OF D - $1300.00

Bryan Lafleur
Joanie, do you know what kind of reeds it has? One of the better sounding (to my ears) accordions I'd heard was a Shine Mouton with Hohner reeds.
I just checked the reeds. No Hs or Ds. Some are stamped Binci, a few are stamped Professional and a number have no marks that I can find.

Re: FOR SALE - "Shine" Mouton Accordion - KEY OF D - $1300.00

If anyone asks, you can tell them they're Binci #1 (a mano). Definitely premium reeds.

Re: FOR SALE - "Shine" Mouton Accordion - KEY OF D - $1300.00

Hohner "T" Reeds are later reeds made in Trossingen Germany.
Earlier "H" reeds were dedicated Hohner reeds.. and preferred.

I have Hohner boxes with "H" only and a couple with "H"" and "T" which was common in the 50s and 60s. I have owned and sold T boxes

Bincis have become the standard.

But a Shine Mouton box with Hohner reeds and slides is my preferred Mouton box... One day I will find another.

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