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Re: reeds and such

It's a little hard to tell being new reeds comparing to old well broken in reeds, but they definitely have strong hints of the sound I was hoping for. They have a nice punch and good volume, absolutely on par with premium Italian reeds. I feel a very slight hesitation in response, which I'm hoping the #1's do not have.

If you're in La, the accordion with the #3 (a mano professional) reeds is on display at SOLA in Lafayette, Anya Burgess' violin store. I left it there for people to try out and give me feedback. I'd really appreciate anyone's opinion.

I think the side on both Harmonikas sets I've tried are good. They have a bigger big base reed, which gives it a little more honk. The hallmark sound of the old German boxes that I love so much is the chords, which are small chord reeds on a single plate. I wasn't able to get Harmonikas to understand what I wanted, or they just didn't want to, on ordering the chord reeds like that. So I have been attaching the chord reeds together to try to capture that sound. It is close but not quite the same. I also have been using 4 chord reeds instead of 3.

Re: reeds and such

What about the Sappo and the Antenelli reeds? Are they still available? I had old Master accordions with them at one time. The best tone I ever had was my first Sydney Brown with the Hohner tupelo reeds but I broke several at every gig. My Bincis in my Falcon are the workhorses but lack the clarity and brightness.

Re: reeds and such

Salpa reeds are not available anymore. Antonelli are, that's what Elton Doucet puts in most, if not all, of his. I think the Ciccarelli are close to Salpa, but he's become very unreliable.

Re: reeds and such


Re: reeds and such

Somewhat of false advertising. I buy parts from FRM. I asked Frank about his advertised Salpa reeds. He said they're not Salpa, but the company who took them over, which I believe is Voci Armoniche.

Re: reeds and such

Seems to be true but SALPA "pattern"

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