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Re: Old Cowboy Waltz lyrics help

Attrape-moi mon chapeau et mon capot,
Moi, j’vas mettre mes bottes et mes éperons,
Là j’vas seller mon vieux cheval
J’sus parti, dedans les bois " là en hiver ", chère

Le soleil est après s’coucher,
Mon vieux cheval ressemble bien fatigué
Moi, j’sus lasse, " j’ai faim et puis " j’ai soif,
J’connais pas si " on va s’rendre " à la maison, bébé

Si j’peux me rendre à la maison
Moi, j’veux boire un ou deux bon filet d’vin.
J’veux manger du couche-couche et du caillé,
C’est comme ça la vie d’un vieux vacher.

I think the first one is right or close, hard to tell with the quality of the recording online.

And for his old tired horse, he uses the erssemble instead of resemble, but it’s the same thing.That happens often with those re- words.
That’s a pretty song. I’ve never heard that Cowboy Waltz. The tune/melody sounds very familiar


Re: Old Cowboy Waltz lyrics help

Thanks Jordy, you got good ears. I tried and tried to hear "faim" in the second blank,since it fit contextually with soif, but just couldn't hear it.

"resemble", is always pronounced "ersemble" around my neck of the prairie. Have you heard it pronounced "resemble" over there?

Re: Old Cowboy Waltz lyrics help

I'm sure there are people that do, but I can't recall one way or the other. It surprises me how much the french changes around here, not just 5 miles down the road, but between the families here too. I.e the lessards and gautreaus who are more Acadian sounding and the Villeneuves who sound more like French or Old French.


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