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Re: Don't place any orders on Steve Riley's site!

Steve!! Is that you man? If it is, I always had the suspicion that Steve Riley snuck in and out of the "Accordion Discussion Page" from time to time. Boy Howdy! Have you got a whole lot of explaining to do! LOL Stay Tuned. We have many, many, many questions! All at a comfortable pace for you of course. You ready?

Re: Don't place any orders on Steve Riley's site!

You should go ahead and receive them. They are a lot of good information. Big nicks are good too, but each will teach you something different. Don’t be a hard head about the shipping time.

Re: Don't place any orders on Steve Riley's site!

I am going to pass on them. I sent somewhere between 8-10 emails without a response. I know that PayPal also tried to make contact multiple times without a response. I would have waited if I was informed that there would be a delay, but I wasn't. I was left hanging and they had my $70. Sorry, but that is not cool.

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