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Re: Bass box reed set broke loose

The reeds are still sealed in beeswax. It is the wooden box that holds the three reeds that has come loose, exposing the sound hole. It looks like some type of clear glue was used previously. Is that beeswax also? The beeswax around the reeds looks a dark brownish reddish color.

Re: Bass box reed set broke loose

Thanks for responding Brian. I sent pics to you in an email. If you don’t mind looking at them and giving advice about the glue or beeswax.

Re: Bass box reed set broke loose

Ah, the pics cleared up my misunderstanding. It is the reed blocks that came loose. Any wood glue will work. Make sure to press firmly so there is good contact and no gaps that air can get through.

Re: Bass box reed set broke loose

Thank you.

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