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Re: Solstice, Christmas and drug ads :-(

Contact the DEA.. they would be interested in folks selling /hustling drugs on the internet.

Re: Solstice, Christmas and drug ads :-(

The DEA .. Good idea.

I see they do have a local phone number.

What I'll do is to wait for another one of the gracious drug offers to be posted
(which likely won't take long) and then phone and send a link to the DEA.

Who knows .. Maybe the DEA is looking for some good prices on heroin for Christmas :-)


Re: Solstice, Christmas and drug ads :-(

I see that we've got us another drug ad.

No doubt the DEA is closed until Tuesday the 26th, at which time I'll give
them a call.


Re: Solstice, Christmas and drug ads :-(

At the risk of stating the obvious (which I'll go ahead and do since no one has stated it yet), how soon after the captcha test for posting on this forum was dropped did the increase in drug ads begin? I've only been on the forum for a couple of years and haven't posted a lot, but it feels like for at least the first year or so, I always had to go through the captcha routine (which was a pain, but not nearly as bad as these ads). If there is some relationship here, was the change something inherent in the software or is it something Big Nick could reverse?

Re: Solstice, Christmas and drug ads :-(


I'll look into it. I don't know if the captcha thing is still a Bravenet option
or not.

But, I'm fairly certain that we were getting those annoying ads even when
the captcha filter was active.

Thanks for your suggestion :-)


Re: Solstice, Christmas and drug ads :-(

I came across this map today:
So, if medical it's legal now in Louisiana.
(Learned something new about Louisiana today)

Bonne année à tous!

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