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Re: Posting Videos to eBay?

eBay doesn't allow ANY links to other external websites in the listings, nor does it allow any references to email addresses. No actual physical addresses either. I got a VERY stern warning from them when a local person saw the listing on eBay and wanted to come look at the accordion. Apparently others have had problems as well. A person in central England, whom I ultimately sold the Bb to, said he had been suspended from eBay for allegedly trying to purchase an item outside of the auction listing. I did post my FULL Facebook name for the person who wanted a video, which didn't raise any flags and also suggested that he do an Internet search for Cajun Accordion Discussion, which should have brought up references to this site. It would be wonderful if eBay would allow links to videos on YouTube, but I can't find a way to do that. It seems that at one time, it was allowed. Sure would make life easier!

Re: Posting Videos to eBay?

Hmm .. I see.

Yes, I think I used to embed links to external videos in eBay in the distant past, but
from what you're saying, that is no longer allowed :-(

Meanwhile .. (as an FYI) I've tried to contact the DEA to report these drugs
ads. It seems that there are outdated phone extensions and no-pick-ups when
I phone. Time consuming, but I'll keep trying ..

One person that I DID speak with (who said it hasn't his area of expertise)
thought that it just may be legal for them to post these ads. The illegality comes
in if they sell drugs with no prescription :-(


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