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Re: Wanted Diamond Brand/Globe's/Sterlings/Monarchs and Falcons

I happen to have a Cajun Classic. I am not sure about selling it, but on the other hand, I have too many accordions. I got this one when a friend was selling all of his accordions. I was really only interested in the triple row that he had, but it was all or nothing. That's OK, because I have learned to be opportunistic about these things.

One of the problems with selling an accordion is that you don't want to sell it for too much or too little, but it's hard to judge the "true" value. When that happens, I get stuck in "paralysis by analysis" mode.

I would certainly be willing to discuss it.

Re: Wanted Diamond Brand/Globe's/Sterlings/Monarchs and Falcons

I understand about the gear aspects of having alot of gear with collecting certain instruments and the value etc. What key is you classic in? And is more tuned for the ole cajun sound or more Zydeco. Thanks for the reply. Just keep me posted if ya might let it have a new home.

Re: Wanted Diamond Brand/Globe's/Sterlings/Monarchs and Falcons

The accordion brand played by Nathan Abshire in that video I think is a "Sterling". Hell, it could even be a "Starling" He's playing his version of the "Hicks Wagon Wheel", later to be named the "Domino Two Step" by Abshire. Below is a news video about that accordion and it is implied that the accordion was made in Lake Charles, Louisiana. But we have two accordions made by Sydney Brown in our family and there are no name brands on them! At the time I believe Sydney Brown was making accordions out of Lake Charles. But when expanding the video screen below, I'm seeing "Sterling". Unfortunately, the news interview doesn't even say what brand name the accordion is and puts that video pinup right in the way of the accordion many times.


Re: Wanted Diamond Brand/Globe's/Sterlings/Monarchs and Falcons

That's the 1st view I have ever got to see of the side of that accordion and it sure does look like a sterling above where the reeds are.But when they say it was made in Lake Charles La, Maybe they meant to say it was refurbished there. Thanks for the new clip. I am glad to see its still around. SO does anybody have a email or phone number for Justin Manual? :grimacing:

Re: Wanted Diamond Brand/Globe's/Sterlings/Monarchs and Falcons

I found out today its a Starling. That Nathan was playing

Re: Wanted Diamond Brand/Globe's/Sterlings/Monarchs and Falcons

Would you be willing to email a pic or two or Cajun Classic you have.My email is Buzzzd03@yahoo.com. And do you know what key its in? You don't by chance have a Starling in your collection do you? Or a Sterling?

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