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Stops half open?

Has anybody played with one or more of your stops half shut or open? It produces a tinny, reedy sound probably from the reeds not getting enough air to sound properly. Does anyone know if this would have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of the Accordion or not? Or is it just a harmless odd thing you can do?

Re: Stops half open?

Doc - the instrument is based on a stops open-shut philosophy. Anything in between is not the intention of the design and although you may consider this a 'harmless' deviation I am still calling the police.

Re: Stops half open?

I asked Marc Savoy this question, can playing with the stops partially closed cause any damage to the reeds. He said no, that it's fine to do that. Jesse Lege also showed me how he does that sometimes to get a wet sound out of a dry tuned accordion. I've also done it myself and haven't noticed any ill effects.

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