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la danse de mardi gras

Steve Riley's version of La danse de Mardi Gras. Is this being played in the key of Gm? My email is vmegowan@hotmail.com. The help would be greatly appreciated.! Thanks so much!I'm listening to that blue Meet Me at Mardi Gras CD.

Re: la danse de mardi gras

When Steve plays it, it's definitely in Gm.
To my ear, it sounds rather modal, centering around G.

In order to play it in "Gm", you'd need a Bfl accordion.

If you're into Medieval Church Modes, this would be in the Aeolian mode.

If played it on a "C" accordion, it would come out in the key of "Am".

Clear as mud?


Re: la danse de mardi gras

Thanks, Nick for answering the question about Mardi Gras, will tell our accordian player. Appreciate your thoroughness. Vicki

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