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Tuning a cajun accordion

I have a harmona/welty that's in pretty bad shape, I'm slowly doing it up and am thinking of having a go at tuning. It has removable reed blocks so I'll be able to use a tuning table if I decide to go down that road.
Was just curious though- how the heck do you tune cajun accordion reeds when the blocks are glued in? Can't be a straight forward job.

Re: Tuning a cajun accordion

It's really not that hard, once you involve your third hand.

Re: Tuning a cajun accordion

'Spose that would be the third hand that also comes in handy when playing triplets!:wave:

Re: Tuning a cajun accordion

No AJ, I think what Bryan is talking about is the little hand and arm that grows out of Cajun accordion builder's sternum area. I wish I had one! Man, the things I could do with one of those!

Re: Tuning a cajun accordion

Just keep in mind, AJ, if you tune the reeds out of the accordion, they may change a bit when you reinstall them, so you may have to do some touch up in place. The top (push) reeds are easy, just need to slip a thin metal strip under them for support. The pull ones on the bigger reeds are not too bad if you have a reed hook to lift them out of the slot. On the small ones, I just pop out, tune, and stick back in. Sounds more daunting than it is. After you're done, make sure to reheat the wax to reseal. Lemme know if you have any questions.

Re: Tuning a cajun accordion

Thanks Bryan that's very kind, think I'll tinker with harmonicas to start with and leave my accordion to the professionals for now so I don't lose too much playing time.

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