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Re: Wayne Toups “Please Explain”

Good job buddy glad you could help.

Re: Wayne Toups “Please Explain”

I hear it as being played on a Bb Cajun accordion, in the second position, F. Most of the song alternates between the F chord and Bb, with some other interesting chords added in the chorus.

Maybe there's more than one version? The one I heard is defintely not in the key of C, and not on a triple row. The licks sound a lot like typical licks on the "pull", or second position.

Re: Wayne Toups “Please Explain”

I can’t sing it in F. And I can’t play those licks on the push so triple row works. It’s actually Blue Skues by the Allman Bros.

Re: Wayne Toups “Please Explain”

I thought I was hearing some Allman Bros motifs in there!

I still think it is on the pull, not the push. On the triple row, you could play it on the outer row (the F row) on the pull (key of C). This is assuming an F/Bb/Eb triple row.

But, you kinda already said most of that. Don't mind me - I work in the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

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