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Replie of february 28

Hello Cajun Accordion Player and all musicans !
I think that my post of February 28 sas not good ? Sorry my english is not very very good.
So, I would like to tell me how to understand à syncoped game that you play at the accordion and that I do not have the name
It sounds a bit like what the fiddlers play and it’s called « Shuffle ».
If a good man or woman player agrees to give me an explanations, advices, or to find a method, I would be very very happy because I lové Cajun music
A big thank you for all replies


Re: Replie of february 28

Yes, sorry, the post was a bit confusing. But I gather you want to send a small bit of mp3 to see if we can tell you what they are doing? If that is correct, you can send it to my email, I'll see if I can help you.


Re: Replie of february 28

Hello Bryan
Thank you very much to your replie ., I started to desperate.
I Know yours beautiful cajun accordion on Facebook and I ´m trying to learn cajun accordion with the videos which you put on you tube
I send you a mp3 extract as I can
Almost thank you for you replie

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